Alan Mathison Levien

These are just some of my pictures from Christmas 1999 to Christmas 2000.

Alan, Heather, and Max having a happy Christmas.

Alan on his new tricycle, Christmas day, 2000.

Alan being a T-Rex (October 2000).

School pictures, with Max (fall 2000).

Helping put together a strawberry shortcake. (summer 2000).

With a snout. (summer 2000).

Helping frost a gingerbread house, mmm. (Christmas 1999).

Getting ready to swing at my birthday pinata (17 Mar 2000).


Posing with a penguin my dad got for his birthday (7 Apr 2000).

My favorite Easter egg of the batch (23 Apr 2000).

Hunting for Easter eggs (23 Apr 2000).

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